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Eucalyptus Spearmint Sugar Scrub

$ 14.99

Eucalyptus Spearmint sugar scrub is a great pick-me-up when you feel a cold coming on or you're having trouble mustering energy in your mornings. Eucalyptus is bold and zippy, while spearmint sweetens the blend.

If you love to pamper yourself, but prefer showers to baths, you will love this sugar scrub! 

Our sugar scrub is emulsified, which means that the sugar and oils won't separate. When water hits the sugar scrub, it turns into a lovely lotion that exfoliates your skin and leaves it soft all day long. 

It really is that good!

9 oz.

Ingredients: pure cane sugar, shea butter, rice bran oil, emulsifying wax, beeswax, eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil, fragrance, phonoxyethanol (and) caprylyl glycol,