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A Few Moments Just for You

Imagine standing in the shower with hot water rolling off your back and a deliciously scented bar of Soapy Gnome soap turning your shower into a French garden. The small, creamy bubbles caress your skin, melting away worries, and for a few moments all is right with the world.

We are constantly crafting products that make you say, “Ahhh,” in the middle of your busy life. Our customers are our favorite people and it’s our job to help you find peace and comfort for a few moments each day.

How Soapy Gnome Was Born

Jenny, our founder, can still remember picking out her first bar of handcrafted soap and the aroma of chocolate peppermint in the shower. The lather made her skin feel like it was getting a hug. As someone who loves all things cozy: fuzzy blankets, wool sweaters, and a steaming mug of hot tea, this was a completely new experience.

The Process of Creating Cozy

Jenny researched ingredients and came up with a palm free soap formula that loves skin and smells fresh and fantastic. 

As the business grows, we want to build a cozy community and create more delightful products for folks like you.

Why Soapy Gnome?

Soapy Gnome was chosen because gnomes care for flora and fauna, which is vital to the core of our brand. 

Most importantly, gnomes live a cozy life. Each gnome house is underground with warm furnishings and a fireplace. Since they live for hundreds of years, they take time to enjoy the company of others.

They embody “koselig” a Norwegian word which has no direct translation but can be summed up with the gnome-like coziness of a fireplace and candles, laughter, and comfort food in your belly.

Simple Ingredients for a Cozy Shower

We use premium oils for our products like coconut oil, shea butter, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, avocado oil, and apricot kernel oil. We DO NOT use palm oil or oils that could contain GMOs like soy, canola, or corn oil. We use essential oils to scent our products and buttermilk to provide a creamy lather.

From Homebody to Entrepreneur

Jenny, the founder, is a classic homebody. The place she most wants to be is at home under a fuzzy blanket with her dogs curled up next to her. 

But, for you, our dear and treasured customers, she ventures away from her gnome hearth to bring you comfort food for your skin--so we can all feel a little cozier at the beginning and end of each day.

The Team

Jenny Frech: Soap Maker, Formulator

Jeremy Friesen: Sales and IT support

Andrea: Shopkeeper and Newsletter

Kaitlin: Shopkeeper and Operations

Jen: Shopkeeper and Aromatherapist

Eliana: Jenny's kid and part time shop keep